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Kharkov creative association
of masters of an author's doll

About dolls and not only


The concept "an author's" or "collection" doll at the majority of people associates with something porcelain, expensive and senseless. We wish to destroy this stereotype. You will see - an author's doll - a subject uncommon.

Куклы Харьков

At the artist surprising imagination, because and each doll - small magic history. Our authors work in different genres and directions of doll art. Thus, each work on the is unique and unique.

You will see that the doll is not a hobby, not entertainment. It is a full art genre. Author's dolls live under laws of high art, embodying in itself high sense, and expressiveness of forms. They reflect and born like painting or music. But the main thing in their nature - an artistic image, soul - live and feeling pity.

The various can be both character and the dress, and a look. It can be both a friendly cartoon, and a portrait, and, even a self-portrait. But to create a doll which is able to create good, from the Artist it is required not only idea and skill, but also it is A LOT OF LOVE. And we try, that our dolls brought to people pleasure.

For today, the author's doll is a young kind of creativity. But thousand people in our country and abroad have already opened it for themselves. Worldwide pass numerous exhibitions of dolls and bears of Teddi. The set of master classes for all comers is spent to join this amazing art. There is a set of sites on a theme of an author's doll, specialised seminars are held and the set of the literature is issued.

Association of masters of an author's doll of a city of Kharkov has already joined this movement and invites you to get acquainted not only with our works, but also to learn a lot of new about a birth and a life of dolls, about fascinating process of their creation and the further destiny.